Your New Tradition
for Easy, Healthy,
Delicious Baking

No fake ingredients, no catch—just real food for real nourishment

Indulge in the same mouthwatering flavor & texture as Grandma’s freshly baked cookies, brownies, or flipped pancakes with ingredients that feed your body & soul.

We've done the research for you.

Welcome to the world of easy, delicious, and nutritious baking. Yes, you can have it all—with Lili’s Gourmix


Make your family tradition healthy for everyone's diet

We believe you don't have to choose between nutrition & taste—you can have it all!



 We’ve done all the work for you!

All you need are 30 minutes, a nutrition-packed bag of Lili’s Gourmix, & 2 ingredients already in your kitchen.

Every bag of Lili’s Gourmix is . . .

Low Carb & High Fiber

Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, & Soy-Free 

Quick, Easy, & Actually Tasty

Preferred Choice of Kids & Moms 

Full of 40-70% more mix per bag than other brands

Taking care of your health it's now easier than ever.

Why choose between nutrition & taste, quality & budget, or ease & difficulty? Have it all!

Lili’s Gourmix—brings you a new inclusive tradition for healthy, delicious, & easy baking

Our gourmet recipes are gluten-free, sugar-free, and safe for celiac, vegan, paleo, keto, diabetic, and hypothyroidism diets.

Lili’s Gourmix is woman-run and 100% made and packaged in the USA by a non-profit cooperative.


What’s better than pancakes for breakfast—or dinner?

This pancake mix was made to fuel your busy morning (or late-night hustle).

Before you chase your goals, energize your body with protein, fiber, and a naturally sweetened taste that will have you dancing in the kitchen and throughout your day.

Keep your healthy lifestyle on track with these perfectly fluffy gluten-free, sugar-free, paleo, keto, vegetarian pancakes.


Brownies should be fudgy. They should be moist, soft, decadent, and “mmMMmm”-inducing.

Think you can only have heavenly brownies with loads of sugar and unhealthy ingredients? We’re about to change your life.

Paleo, keto, celiac, diabetic, vegan, or health-curious? Welcome to your new favorite dessert.

Lili’s Gourmix Brownies taste just like heaven, and they support your diet goals or healthy lifestyle with natural ingredients and zero sugar.


Lili made this chocolate chip cookie mix with YOU in mind.

You don’t have to hate the diet you’re on. Treat yourself without cheating yourself!

The perfectly sweetened flavor and soft, crunchy homemade texture match traditional recipes (although we think ours tastes even better), while the natural ingredients support your health goals.

Bake these cookies if you’re cutting carbs, fighting obesity, going keto, paleo, celiac, vegan, or eating consciously for a healthy lifestyle.

You know what they say: a cookie a day keeps the joy here to stay!


WOW—you’re so good at sticking to a healthy diet.
You should be rewarded!

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When we say we’re an inclusive company, we don’t just mean our mixes.

Our ingredients are mixed, bagged, and shipped by an employee-owned non-profit organization that provides job training and employment opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Your mixes are taken care of by people who are taken care of.

Not to brag, but our packaging is also recyclable and reusable. We love our planet, and we’re committed to taking care of it as we take care of you.

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