“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

Growing up, Lili’s mother’s and grandmother’s homes always smelled of freshly baked dessert. She came from a sweet-tooth family, and the women in the house always made sure everyone’s cravings were satisfied. 

But when Lili and her mother became diabetic, taking after her grandma, the family decided to change their diets to improve their health This meant putting an end to dessert baking . . . and the special family gatherings that came with it. 

Seeing her family tradition fade, Lili decided she didn’t want to lose what brought everyone together. 

So, Lili earned multiple diplomas in nutrition and experimented in her kitchen with the most natural, nutritious, and delicious ingredients available today.

She was committed to healing her own health challenges with diabetes and hypothyroidism, as well as restarting her family tradition for her children and the healthy future she wanted for them.

Once her sweet-toothed sons refused to eat any recipe other than her own, she knew her recipes were ready for the world.

Just like Lili and her family, now you can satisfy your sweet tooth and continue your tradition without sacrificing your health.

The result is Lili’s Gourmix. A woman-run, 100% made in the USA, inclusive product for the health-conscious sweet tooth.

We did the hard work for you; now all you need are 30 minutes and 2 ingredients already in your kitchen.

Bring YUM! back into your healthy lifestyle with Lili’s Gourmix