Lili’s Gourmix Pound Cake Sugar & Gluten Free; Keto Low Carb Premium Mix 7.4 oz - 210 g


Tasty spongy moist Pound Cake that is also Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, Soy and Grain Free

I sure love to smell the aroma that comes out of the oven when baking a Pound Cake and I sure enjoy having a slice of freshly baked Poundcake with a Cappuccino. Especially by Mid-afternoon when the cravings are up to the sky.

And for whoever is making a healthy twist on daily eating habits; addressing food intolerances, or just watching sizes it can be a long road without indulging with these little treats.

Who doesn't miss pound cake? Fact is, Most of us on our low carb and healthy journey avoid even mentioning the name Pound Cake just to avoid the craving for it. Well, we have good news for you: we’ve got your back!

We've created the most deliciously healthy and yes: tasty spongy moist Pound Cake that is also Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Soy and Grain Free, Sugar Alcohol Free with Low to none glycemic impact just for you. It’s time to indulge guilt-free and keep the goals, stay healthy while eating and satisfying your cravings at any time of the day.

This recipe is EXACTLY like traditional pound cake. This simple Vanilla Pound Cake comes together in three easy steps: Mix-Bake-Eat while adding just 2 ingredients - unless you want to take this recipe to the next level by adding an extra one such as yogurt, cinnamon, dried fruits, cream cheese, orange juice, chocolate or almost anything; your choice.

Get the recipe for our easy, flavorful guilt-free, family friendly, silhouette & celiac friendly, keto vanilla pound cake.

Want to impress all your friends? Use this mix, then tell everyone you made it from scratch. It will be our little keto secret.


All you need for 1 Loaf of the Moistest Vanilla Pound cake ever:

  • 1 bag of Lilis Gourmix Pound Cake Mix
  • Salted Butter -or the fat of your choice. I personally prefer organic butter
  • Milk of your choice




More reasons to love Lilis Gourmix Pound Cake

  • Our bag of Pound Cake mix gives you 10 generous slices of delicious Pound Cake without all those carbs

  • Free from Sugar and Soy …….Keto; grain free, gluten free,  ALL without sacrificing taste!

  • 3 g protein per Slice

  • Made with Allulose, a natural sweetener that won’t impact your blood sugar level and won’t generate an insulin response

  • Say goodbye to those “eggy flavor” cakes

  • Versatile: make Cinnamon, Orange or Lime Cake, Coconut, Marble or regular Cupcakes, Tiramisu or Tres Leches! You name it. Also delicious for Fruit Cake or Holiday recipes… yes this Pound Cake Mix will match anything you are craving.

No time to Bake or Baking bad? Mix and Microwave for an awesome Mug Cake Only 2 g of carbs per serving… !


Almond Flour; Allulose; Modified Starch;  

Aluminum Free Baking Powder; Vanilla Powder; Monk fruit 

 *See why your body will love these ingredients here.




  • Contains nuts (almond; coconut)
  • This mix is made in a dedicated gluten-free facility that processes nuts.

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