Lili’s Gourmix health benefits

Healthy & Delicious Sweet Treats for All

We use real food—minimally processed, clean-label ingredients you can recognize and pronounce. We keep the carbs low and the fiber high for sweet treats that makes you feel great after you indulge.

Welcome to soy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, guilt-free, & non-GMO baking that tastes better than your family recipe.



  • Your body needs carbs for energy, but much, much less than the average diet provides.
  • Eating carbs on carbs may be fun at the time, but it can lead to serious issues like Diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular syndrome.
  • Carbs can sneak into ingredients disguised like sweeteners. Our mixes never contain those sweeteners. No carb stow-aways here!
  • A high-carb recipe is not required for a delicious dessert or treat. Just ask everyone who’s tried a batch of Lili’s Gourmix low-carb brownies. 


  • Take a bite of something sugary, and your body will crave more as it briefly spikes in energy before you need a nap... Or more sugar. 
  • Sugar causes inflammation in the body and robs it of nutrients needed for a healthy metabolism and immune system.
  • Refined sugar messes with the brain—memory and mental clarity, be gone!
  • Sugar attaches to proteins and literally drags them, and your skin, down. Hello, wrinkles!
  • Sugar encourages the growth of bacteria (the bad kind). *Reaches for your phone to make another dentist appointment—thanks, cavities!*


  • Gluten is often used to help make food more chewy and stretchy. There are healthier ingredients that can do the same thing!
  • A gluten-free diet can help lower your cholesterol while increasing your energy and digestive health.


  • Soy is not an essential ingredient for a healthy human diet.
  • 94% of soybeans are genetically engineered so they can handle high doses of herbicides (yikes!).
  • Soy keeps your body from absorbing nutrients from other foods, like calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc. You need these nutrients to feel healthy, strong, and calm.
  • Soy can also make it difficult to digest protein (and we all love protein!).
  • Ditch the soy to help your body absorb what it needs and process what it doesn’t!


  • Some say GMO foods are here to help feed a growing world population. But looking at the GMO foods being grown today, it’s clear they’re really just made to withstand high levels of herbicides and produce pesticides. Both are harsh chemicals used to make foods grow faster instead of with loving care. 
  • Plus, herbicides and pesticides have been proven to cause cancer (lookin’ at you, Monsanto).
  • We work hard to use non-GMO ingredients and materials when applicable.

     High Fiber

    • Fiber helps you feel full, digest with *cough* easy regularity, and protect your body from heart disease and Diabetes. 
    • Our mixes give you minimum 15% of your daily fiber intake, helping you reach your goal faster than other mixes in the grocery aisle. //helping you reach your goal by sitting back and enjoying a delicious treat.


    • A keto diet is low in carbs, high in fats, with the goal of lowering blood sugar levels and insulin. This works to shift the body away from carb dependency and toward fats and ketones for fuel.
    • This diet can be great for people with Type 2 Diabetes or Prediabetes. 
    • Our mixes are a keto dieter’s delight!

    Diabetic Friendly

    • Two things help diabetic eaters control their insulin levels: low carbs and resistant starch. Our mixes check both bags!
    • Studies have also shown that eating food with resistant starch led to feeling fuller faster and burning more fat than eating foods without resistant starch.

    Hypothyroidism Friendly

    • A healthy thyroid gland means healthy growth, repair, and metabolism. 
    • We want your body to feel its best, so our mixes never contain ingredients that would harm that precious thyroid of yours.

    Clean Label

    • Less is more. 
    • We use as few ingredients as possible, ensuring they’re wholesome and ones you can recognize and pronounce (although erythritol is still a tongue twister sometimes).