Lili’s Gourmix Pizza Low Carb Sugar & Gluten Free; Keto Premium Mix 6.2 oz - 177g


Made with high quality gluten-free, grain-free, and yes, shame-free ingredients

Those days when going on a diet meant eating cardboard-like bread or forgetting about anything pizza are long gone! Now we can take care of our health, silhouette and size without cutting on our favorite comfort food!

With only natural and nutrient-dense ingredients, this Pizza crust has nothing to envy from its carb and gluten loaded counterpart.  This low carb baking mix is made with high quality gluten free, grain free, and yes, shame-free ingredients so you can end each day feeling great about your food choices.

OUR OTHER PRODUCTS: check Lilis Gourmix wide range of low carb baking mixes on the savory or sweet side.

All you need for 1 12” pizza crusty warm freshly made Pizza:

  • 1 bag of Lilis Gourmix Pizza Crust Mix
  • Olive Oil
  • Apple Vinegar
  • Water
  • Your favorite toppings.



More reasons to love Lili’s Gourmix Pizza Crust

  • Our bag of Pizza Crust mix gives you 8 generous slices of delicious Pizza without all those carb
  • Free from Sugar and Soy …….Keto, high fiber, grain free gluten free,  ALL without sacrificing taste!
  • 4 g protein per Round.

  • Get your fiber…  from a single slice that provides 14% of you daily fiber, can you imagine eating half pizza?

  • Say goodbye to those “eggy flavor” spongy keto crusts

  • Versatile: make Pizza, Bread, Calzone, focaccia and anything you are craving

  • Only 2 g of carbs per serving… that makes only 6-8 per whole dinner!



Almond Flour; *Coconut Flour; Golden Flax Seeds; Aluminum Free Baking Powder; Tapioca Flour;  Modified Starch;  Xantham Gum; *Sea Salt;  Garlic

 *See why your body will love these ingredients here.




  • Contains nuts (almond; coconut)
  • This mix is made in a dedicated gluten-free facility that processes nuts.

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