Keto Brownie Ice Cream
Keto Brownie Ice Cream

November 04 , 2020

Who said Ice Cream can’t be healthy? There are many recipes out there but no one is as low carb and easy to make as this one! This recipe is not only for Keto dieters! It is so yummy and friendly that it is the best option for anyone in the family, especially kids, because we want them to grow healthy… don’t we?

 Keto Brownie Ice Cream


You only need:

1 cup of Lili’s Gourmix brownie leftovers -I know these are the most difficult ingredients because they are so yummy that we never have any left! But you can make more or just save 2 from your next batch!- crumbled

1 cup Heavy whipping cream

¼ cup of your choice of sweetener

Yes, that’s all you need….. Oh and a mixer, not professional but electric one.

Keto Brownie Icecream Ingredients


Are we ready?

In a Bowl combine cream and sweetener, beat with a mixer on high speed until cream becomes thick, continue until cream starts to form peaks.

Add half of the brownie crumbles and beat for a few seconds, then add the rest of the crumbles and fold in with spatula or spoon.

Transfer to a freezable container and freeze for 1 or 2 hours. Serve with Ice cream scoop and top with your favorites!

Today I topped mine with Pure dark chocolate Hazelnut Spread from @zeroguiltyus and walnuts

 Keto Icecream

Tips: Ice cream is too hard or frozen? Leave it at room temperature for a few minutes until it becomes softer.